Pay HOA Fees Online

You can pay your HOA fees online:
Online payments can be made using the directions below:

  • Go to
  • Create an account or make a one time payment using an eCheck or Credit Card
  • Enter 6879 for the Management ID
  • Enter 0800 for the Association ID
  • Enter the unit account # printed on your statement. Please enter digits only (no decimal point). For example, for account # 321.00 enter 32100

Payments may be made by mail, through your bank, or online. Send check or bank payment to:

Cedar Pass Ranch
c/o Parker Brown Processing Center
PO Box 95276
Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-5276
If you have an overdue balance, payments received are applied as follows:

1) interest, 2) late fees, 3) fines, 4) special assessments, 5) past due HOA dues, 6) current HOA dues